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Fue Hair Transplant in Kochi

What FUE hair transplant is? FUE or follicular unit extraction is a recent technique of hair transplantation. In this technique surgeons used to extract individual hair units from a part of the body having sufficient hair growth. Such part of the body from where the hair units are being extracted called donor area. One's scalp on the backside of the head, legs, arms, chest, beard or armpit can be a donor area. Firstly, the surgeons will extract hair follicular units from the donor area and then will implant them in the scalp area that is bald or without hairs. FUE (follicular unit extraction) is an efficient technique to provide guaranteed and permanent results at affordable cost. Fue hair transplant in Kochi is provided by some experienced surgeons. Once the growth begins, it will continue in a same way forever and you will no longer remain bald. The cost of hair transplant can vary depending upon how many grafts you need to cover bald area. Total cost can vary form INR 60,000-200,000 for a session. Number of follicles transplanted can be from 500-3500.

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How Hair Transplant Works?

Graft Extraction

Graft Extraction To done this procedure, first the surgeon used to extract the donor hair from the donor area. Donor grafts hair may contain 1-3 hair follicular. Number of hair grafts may depend upon the requirement of the bald area of the scalp.

Preservation of Donor Grafts

Preservation of Donor Grafts Once the hair grafts are removed from the donor area, it is required to preserve them properly in order to keep them alive. For this, the surgeons store the extracted hairs in a holding situation where they get proper environment and nourishment and they remain alive before getting transplant to the bald area.

Opening Donor Channels

Opening Donor Channels Surgeons use special tools to open donor channel to extract hairs from the donor area effectively. These tools may be somewhat sharp and can pinch you a little bit. However surgeons will numb your donor area before extracting hairs from there.

Implanting Grafts

Implanting Grafts First the surgeon will clean your scalp and then will inject your scalp to numb it so that you can avoid feeling any pain. After that, the surgeon will implant hair grafts in your scalp using a method like follicular unit strip surgery or follicular unit extraction.


Aftercare A proper care after hair transplant surgery is required. A patient is suggested to follow the precautions given by a surgeon such as not using alcohol, no taking aspirin and taking proper medicines prescribed by the doctor to avoid even a little pain after the surgery.

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Cost Effective

Our clinic is one of the cost effective clinics in Kochi for getting natural hair growth back. You just have to pay according to the number of hair grafts you require.

Minimum Grafts Wastage

As you know hair grafts are used to implant in the bald scalp in this surgery and only a professional technique of this surgery may ensure you with minimum grafts wastage.

Permanent Results

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution of your hair loss problem. With this, you will receive natural hair growth and permanent results that will diminish your hair loss problem forever.

Online Consultation

In case you have any query related to the hair transplant surgery, you can get a quick online consultation facility and can get clear about this effective surgery.

World Class Facilities

Our clinic is capable enough in providing world class facilities to the patients. Our facilities and quality of service is the reason we have patients form different countries.

Experienced Surgeons

Only experienced surgeons of hair transplantation perform different procures of this treatment using latest technology and also ensure guaranteed results without any chances of mistakes in the procedure.

Our Hair Transplant Specialist

Dr. Amit Agarkar

Dr. Amit Agarkar

MBBS, MD, FCPS, DDV, Fellowship in Hair Transplant (

Dr. Amit Agarkar is a leading Hair Transplant Surgeon and Trichologist. He has an experience of 12 years in these fields. Completed MBBS from Government Medical College Nagpur in 2005, F.C.P.S.(Mid. & Gynae) from Grant Medical College, JJ group of Hospitals Mumbai in 2010 and DDVL from Grant Medical College, JJ group of Hospitals Mumbai in 2010.

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Patient Testimonial

I would like to share my experience of undergoing hair transplant surgery. I had opted for the FUE session 6 months back and now I am really happy & satisfied with my positive hair growth results. I would like to thank the team of doctors who guided me through the whole procedure in such an appreciable manner. They provided me with the right information and cleared all my initial queries which gave me the confidence to go through this surgical treatment. Also, I really appreciate their systematic approach and friendly behavior towards the patients.

Patient Testimonial Prajeesh, Kochi, Kerala
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What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a critical condition in which effected people may lose hair from their scalp. Both males and females get affected from this problem and in modern era problem of hair loss is extending day by day. Today, every third person has symptoms and problem of hair loss. This problem even can make one bald and can spoil their appearance or personality. This is more terrible for ladies, because men still can manage with reduced hairs, but for women surviving without hairs or with reduced hairs is not easy.

What is Hair Loss

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