Bio FUE Hair Transplant

What is Bio FUE?

Bio Fue

Bio FUE hair transplant process is an advanced form of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) introduced with some modifications that help in making the transplanted hair better in texture, strength and growth. The normal FUE process is followed here as well. Hair follicles are extracted with great care from donor area and preserved in a growth serum for adding to their strength. Then the grafts are implanted in the target areas along with the specially prepared growth serum. The entire process requires a very skilled and experienced pair of surgical hands. The Bio FUE surgery also has the advantage of leaving no linear scar on the scalp where the grafts have been extracted. This is a minimum invasive surgical process, simple in its application and very successful in rejuvenating dead hair follicles on a permanent basis. Along with the grafts, a specially prepared growth serum, made from the patient's blood is added to the dead roots. The new live roots will rejuvenate the hair and the serum will help to have a scalp full of bouncy and bright hair.

What is Procedure of Bio FUE Surgery?

Bio FUE is a hair transplant procedure that contains some steps for completion. A small amount of blood will be taken from your own body and then will be stored in centrifuge and then the platelets will be separated to infuse in your scalp. It will help you getting a natural and regular hair growth. However, three essential steps of Bio FUE procedure are mentioned below

Procedure of BIO FUE Surgery

Step 1

Unites or roots are removed from giver region utilizing FUE system and Regenerative cells are implanted into the FUE benefactor site for fast recuperating and to advance the development of transected hairs.

Step 2

Every single follicular unit is then washed in development variable rich society medium to get ideal result from transplanted hair.

Step 3

Bio-FUE Grafts are transplanted at the uncovered territory. At long last you're advanced cells are infused into the transplanted zone to advance quicker recuperating, fast hair development of the transplanted hairs furthermore to enhance the quality and thickness of your current non-transplanted hair.

What are the Advantages of Bio FUE?

Performed at best fue clinic BIO FUE gives various advantages:

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