Body Hair Transplant

Overview of Body Hair Transplant?

Body Hair Transplant

In almost methods of hair transplantation, hairs roots from the donor area are required to implant in the bald area so that a natural growth of hair can be initiated in the bald area also. Such hair roots can be extracted from the back side of the scalp to implant. But, here the question is what if a patient doesn't have a good enough growth on the back side of the head? The answer is, it's not like if you don't have good hair growth on the back of the head then you can't go for hair transplantation. Yes, because apart from the back side of the head, some other body parts such as beard, chest, legs and armpit also can be used as a donor area. Hairs or roots can be extracted from these areas as well. However, a little difference between the growth and density can be found between the hairs extracted from different donor areas.

Donor Area for Body Hair Transplant

  • Beard
  • Shoulder
  • Chest
  • Arm
  • Public Hair
  • Legs

Body Hair Transplant Procedure

Body Hair Transplant

Hair grafts range from one to two with a number of hairs from 200 to 3400 can be planted in BHT procedure. A number of hair grafts also can be decided with the area that needs to be covered. This procedure performed under a mild over sedative and is painless. It can take up to 3 to 8 hours to complete. For the initial five days after the methodology, small outsides are around each transplanted hair. By the second day, patients can travel home and resume ordinary exercises with no indication of having had a methodology. Sutures that are set in the contributor range are dissolvable so there is no compelling reason to come back to the workplace for evacuation. The transplanted hairs drop out at around two weeks, and then begin to regrow at three months, where they will keep on growing for a lifetime.

Aspects to consider in body hair transplant

How BHT-FUE is differs from FUE?

The method of body hair transplantation has developed from FUE. The BHT is utilized, if the donor zone on the scalp is no more appropriate, or has a too low hair thickness for the extraction of giver material where in FUE hair from any part of the body can be extracted to transplant in the body.

Who is a right candidate for BHT?

Candidates having good enough donor area with a great amount of hairs to donate can be considered as good candidates for this procedure. However, people don't have a good donor area cannot expect the desired result.

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