Hair Loss in Men

What is hair loss in Men?

Hair Loss in Men

The problem of hair loss in males is more common than the females. Males start losing hair at an early age also. One out of three males faces this issue. This loss of hairs can be terrible in some cases and one may lose all hairs of the scalp. However, this condition doesn't happen with all males, some males loss hairs in some particular areas of the scalp. But, that also not looks good and spoils their appearance. Therefore, it is recommended for the males to take extra care of their hairs to keep them always healthy.

Common Causes of Hair Loss in Males are

Type of hair loss in Men

The different stages of Hair Loss according to the Norwood Scale:

Norwood 1

At this stage, one doesn't lose hair from crown or head and possesses a normal scalp covered with the hairs with no apparent hair loss.

Norwood 2

A wedge-shape may start appearing on the scalp with hair loss. At this stage, one may start losing hair from the frontal hairline.

Norwood 3

At this stage, the hair loss extends gradually. Most men demonstrate a profound symmetrical subsidence at the sanctuaries, which are either uncovered or just scantily secured with hair.

Norwood 4

The bald area can be clearly seen on the scalp counting a developing subsidence at the front of the head in the sanctuary regions.

Norwood 5

A scalp with a reduced hair density. At this stage, the male pattern baldness at both the crown and the transient districts are bigger.

Norwood 6

The hair strip no longer exists. Just a couple of inadequate strands may hold on. The rest of the hair now frames a horseshoe shape around the hairlessness gathered in the focal point of the scalp.

Norwood 7

Hair loss is covering the almost area of the scalp and now the person doesn't have hair even above the area of the ears

different stages of Hair Loss
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