Hair Loss in Women

What is hair loss in Women?

Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss does not happen to men only. Women also face the problem of hair loss and face a number of hairs reducing every day from the scalp. It is not wrong to say that men can still live with reduced hair, but for a woman, it is not that easy to live with reduced or lost hairs. The problem of hair loss is extending day by day and this is the reason that several treatments and products are being launched in the market after a short time period. However, getting rid of this problem is still a concern as the market products don't suit everybody in the same way. Thus, there is a need of an effective enough treatment to fight with hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Stages of Hair Loss in Women

Stage I - Hair loss may begin on the front and top of the scalp, but the frontal hairline remain the same. Thus, it is possible that women may remain unaware that the hair fall has begun. It can be only noticed when will increase.

Stage II - Thinning, shedding, a clearly noticeable center and frontline on the scalp are some sign of the second stage of the hair loss. At this stage, one should go for an effective treatment considering it a serious condition.

Stage III - It is a final stage of hair loss. At this stage a woman can lose more than enough hairs and can get a little bald scalp. Not taking proper care of the hairs can lead you to this stage.

Stages Hair Loss in Women
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